Dr. Hana Brown

Associate Professor of Sociology
Email: brownhe@wfu.edu

Dr. Betina Cutaia Wilkinson

Associate Professor of Politics and International Affairs
Email: wilkinbc@wfu.edu  

Dr. Annalise Glauz-Todrank

Assistant Professor, Department for the Study of Religions
Email: glauztae@wfu.edu

Dr. Derek Hicks

Associate Professor of Religion and Culture, School of Divinity
Email: hicksds@wfu.edu

Dr. Sherri Lawson Clark

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director of American Ethnic Studies
Email: clarksl@wfu.edu

Wake Forest dance professor Nina Lucas teaches her intermediate jazz dance class in the new dance studio outside Scales Fine Arts Center on Tuesday, October 19, 2010.
Nina Lucas

Professor of Dance
Email: lucasnm@wfu.edu

Dr. Judith Madera

Associate Professor of English
Email: maderaji@wfu.edu

Dr. Ron Neal

Associate Professor, Department for the Study of Religions
Email: nealrb@wfu.edu

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Dr. Tony Parent

Professor of History

Dr. Erica Still

Associate Dean for Faculty Recruitment, Diversity, and Inclusion, Associate Professor of English

Dr. Alessandra Von Burg

Associate Professor of Communication

Dr. Ana MarĂ­a Wahl

Associate Professor of Sociology
Email: wahlam@wfu.edu