The American Ethnic Studies Program at Wake Forest University is a multicultural and multiracial research and teaching unit, dedicated to providing knowledge in the study of race, class, gender, and ethnicity. For the current requirements for the minor, visit the Wake Forest University Bulletin

Declaring the Minor

To declare the AES Minor, you need to complete the online Add/Drop: Major, Minor, and Concentration form which can be found in Virtual Campus (WIN). For instructions, please visit the Registrar’s website.


AES 251: Race & Ethnic Diversity in America
   or  ANT 325: Roots of Racism: Race and Ethnic Diversity in the US
AES 234: Ethnicity & Immigration
   or  SOC 356: Sociology of Immigration
   or  COM 339: Practices of Citizenship
3-hour course from behavioral & social sciences
3-hour course from humanities
3 hours from electives

Approved Courses