Requirements for the Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in American ethnic studies requires 18 hours. The student must take AES 251 (during the second or third year at Wake Forest) and AES 234 or equivalent.  At least one additional 3-hour course must be taken from the behavioral and social sciences, and one 3-hour course from the humanities. To meet the minor qualifications an additional two 3-hour courses must be taken from the list of AES elective courses.

Course Credit Hours
AES 251 3
AES 234 or equivalent 3
AES (social science) 3
AES (humanities) 3
AES (2 additional 3 credit-hour electives) 6
Total 18

Required for the AES Minor

AES 251/WGS 251 Race & Ethnic Diversity in America

AES 234 Ethnicity and Immigration or equivalent (COM 339 and others)

Approved for the AES Minor

AES 232 The American Jewish Experience

AES 236/ DCE 236 Multicultural Dance

AES 240 Asian American Legacy: Social History

AES 265/REL265 Culture and Religion in Contemporary Native America

AES 300 American Ethnic Literature and Film

AES 310/EDU 310/WGS 321 Race, Class and Gender in a Color-blind Society

AES 341/HIS Africans in the Atlantic World 1750-1815

AES/ENG 357 Studies in Chicano Literature

AES/SOC 358 The Italian Experience in America

AES 370/COM 370 Immigration Practices in the US and the European Union

AES/ENG 387 African American Fiction

AES/ENG 389 African American Poetry

AES 390 Special Topics: Race, Class, Gender and Public Housing

AES 396 Independent Study


Electives for the AES Minor

ANT 374 Prehistory of North America

ANT 377 Ancestors, Indians, Immigrants: A Southwest Cultural Tapestry

COM 330 Communication and Conflict

COM 338 African American Rhetoric

COM 339 Practices of Citizenship

COM 340 American Rhetorical Movements to 1900

COM 341 American Rhetorical Movements since 1900

COM 350 Intercultural Communication

ECN 246 Urban Economics

ECN 273 Economics for a Multicultural Future

EDU 305 Sociology of Education

ENG 377 American Jewish Literature

ENG 379 Literary Forms of the American Personal Narrative

ENG 381 Studies in African American Literature

HMN 285 Culture & Religion in Contemporary Native America

HMN 359 Fathers and Daughters

HST 240 African American History

HST 338 Gender, Race and Class since 1800

HST 341 Africans in the Atlantic World

HST 351 Global Environmental History

HST 358 Race and the Courts

HST 376 Civil Rights and Black Consciousness Movements

HST 390 Research Seminar: Race, Class, Gender and Resistance in the American South

HST 390 Research Seminar: Slave, Narrative and Memory

MUS 203 History of Jazz

MUS 207 American Music

POL 223 Blacks in American Politics

POL 224 Racial and Ethnic Politics

POL 278 Politics and Identity

PSY 357 Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSY 364 Stereotyping and Prejudice

REL 103 Introduction to the Christian Tradition (formerly religious life in the U.S.)

REL345 African-American Religious Experience

REL 390 Special Topics: Progressive Religion and the Black Freedom Struggle

SOC 348 Sociology of the Family

SOC 359 Race and Ethnic Relations

SOC 360 Social Inequality

WGS 377 Special Topics: “Ethnohistory of Native-American Women”